New Tires

Barrett’s Tire is the number one provider of new tires to the people of Greenwood, SC. We offer a multitude of different sizes, sets, and brands for your vehicle. We offer all seasons, summer, winter, performance, truck/suv, all-terrain, track, classic, commercial, fuel efficient, and trailer. Barrett's Tire supplies premier main tire brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone, Good Year, Fuzion, Rough Country, and Toyo Tires.

New vs. Used Tires

New tires are very beneficial to the performance of your vehicle. All new tires we sell are guaranteed to have great tread and no punctures. New tires will perform much better than used tires in different conditions such as rain, snow, or ice. Although new tires are more expensive than used tires, we highly recommend getting new tires to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle.

New Tires for Barret's Tires